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Morgan Kennedy


This goth babe has a huge pair of tits and isn’t wearing any bottoms. She’s just wearing a corset or a bustier which is quite erotic I’d say.

Katie Williams


What sets this cutie apart from the rest of the babes who we feature here is her soft nipples. Those nipples are so puffy and soft you could just pinch them for hours.

Kelly Morrison


Nerd loving to the max with this pale white babe with nerdy glasses. She wants to be cool so she took her shirt off and revealed her large nipples and tiny tits, all to make the guys pay attention to her.

Lindsey Bryant


Have you ever seen a more perfect pair of tits before in your life? Well you probably have because we post a lot of great tits on this blog. But that doesn’t mean that this pair is any less great. Sure these boobs may not be large, but sometimes you don’t want huge fake tits. In fact, if it’s more than a handful, what’s the point. A good handful is all you need.

This babe here has a gorgeous set of boobs and nice nipples too. Them nips are pink and appear to be pinch-worthy. Her abs are on point too. So it’s no surprise she would whip out the old trusted cell phone and take a selfshot picture of herself. With tits like that why the hell not.

Tammy Jefferson


This babe here just got boob implants last year. Her breasts had been tender for so long and she thought they would always remain tender to the touch. Well about a year later and now her boobs are back to normal. The guys she goes out with can now play with her boobs all they want.

Each and every Saturday night this girl goes online and chats with her male friends on AIM. My first thought is who the heck still uses that. But anyways, she likes to go out on dates with guys. Not just for the free dinner, not just for the free movies, but, well, okay it is for those reasons.

I got this pic here from a guy she was going out with. And by going out with I mean a booty call. She was DTF and was into NSA fun. She sent him over this text message as a way of convincing him of taking the long drive over to her house for a quick bang. It didn’t work and he sent over this pic. He figures if he’s not going to bang this girl might as well let others see what they’re getting.

I especially enjoyed the family pictures she has on her bedroom mirror. Let me give you a tip, girlfriends. If you are going to go topless for a selfie, make sure you take note of what is displayed in the background. A little wall art or a drink in the background is alright, but make sure you get rid of your fam pics for goodness sakes.