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Gabby Freeman


So fresh and so cute. This pigtailed babe has a vagina with no hair on it whatsoever. She’s a hairless college girl with a smooth snatch and a flat stomach.

Kristen Parker


Her pussy was shaved and her tits were ripe. This girl here knows what she has. She’s got a perfect body, a flat stomach, a sweet pussy and oh so much more.

Anabel Reyes


Latinas are the hottest babes and this one here is no exception. This cutie was submitted by an angry ex who still had this nude pic saved on his phone.

Donna Cummings


Here’s a babe who knows a thing or two about posing for a selfie. She is an expert in this art of posing nude. She has been taking selfshot pix of herself for years, but now she is a total pro at it. That doesn’t make her a professional model or anything, she’s still just an amateur babe with a cell phone camera and a dream.

Well that dreams of hers has come true for her today because we are now featuring her on our blog. She must be so proud of her tremendous achievement. So now here she is, completely naked and baring her wonderful bod.

She is such a small babe, with a size 0 waist. But that doesn’t mean she’s got no T&A. You can see her nice small boobs and her cute plump booty here in this shot. She is arching her back to stick out hat booty but she doesn’t really have to, we all know she got that booty real good, girlfriend.

Suzie Castas


If you enjoy a bit more junk in the trunk and some junk on other parts of the body then you will enjoy browsing the body of this babe. It may take you a while, but trust me the wait is worth it, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This is a solo bbw babe who is here taking a selfshot pic of herself, of course, as the name implies. This image was sent to her boyfriend who was stationed in combat in El Salvador. He was thrilled that he would now have some good j/o material while at war. So he used this picture repeatedly to get the white cream to come out with much success.

Then it happened, no, not war, but rather, he received a letter (more like an email) from her that things weren’t working out. He later learned she had cheated on him with her ex boyfriend. She used to love the way he would ejaculate so she wanted to see his white volcano once again.

So now it’s revenge time. This dude sent me this naked picture of his chubby ex gf and said: post this fatty naked, show the world her fat tits and her chubby pussy lips. So here she is, in all her glory.

Shanika Jackson


It’s time for a black beauty to grace the pages of Solo Girl Blogs. Well it’s not really grace the pages now is it, unless of course you print every page of this blog and turn it into a real magazine. Now that would be pretty neat. But it sure would be a waste of paper and ink which isn’t good for the environment. Yet it does feel good to actually see and touch the pages rather than just look at a computer screen. Anyways, I’m off on another tangent.

Back to the point at hand here. This is an ebony beauty here with mocha dark milky smooth skin. This girl here is truly a black princess and she looks amazing. She has a tight body and a perfectly clean shaven pussy.

Her breasts are ripe and tender, perfect for a squeeze and a pinch. And as far as her nips go, well just when you thought nipples couldn’t get any darker, this babe has it. If those nips were any darker, they’d be purple.