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Felicia Murray


She’s cute, she’s petite and oh yes she is also topless. Those boobs of hers are of the tiny variety but the nipples are just as hard and perky as you could ever dream of.

Gabby Freeman


So fresh and so cute. This pigtailed babe has a vagina with no hair on it whatsoever. She’s a hairless college girl with a smooth snatch and a flat stomach.

Anabel Reyes


Latinas are the hottest babes and this one here is no exception. This cutie was submitted by an angry ex who still had this nude pic saved on his phone.

Tammy Jefferson


This babe here just got boob implants last year. Her breasts had been tender for so long and she thought they would always remain tender to the touch. Well about a year later and now her boobs are back to normal. The guys she goes out with can now play with her boobs all they want.

Each and every Saturday night this girl goes online and chats with her male friends on AIM. My first thought is who the heck still uses that. But anyways, she likes to go out on dates with guys. Not just for the free dinner, not just for the free movies, but, well, okay it is for those reasons.

I got this pic here from a guy she was going out with. And by going out with I mean a booty call. She was DTF and was into NSA fun. She sent him over this text message as a way of convincing him of taking the long drive over to her house for a quick bang. It didn’t work and he sent over this pic. He figures if he’s not going to bang this girl might as well let others see what they’re getting.

I especially enjoyed the family pictures she has on her bedroom mirror. Let me give you a tip, girlfriends. If you are going to go topless for a selfie, make sure you take note of what is displayed in the background. A little wall art or a drink in the background is alright, but make sure you get rid of your fam pics for goodness sakes.

Pamela Brookes


To the ladies out there who frequent the Solo Girl Blog, I’d like to kindly request something of you. If you have tits as good as this girl, do me and the rest of the world a favor and flash those boobs as often as you can. I mean what do you have to lose. It’s not like when you flash a boob you lose it forever. Go ahead and let people see your funbags. You can show them off a hundred times and you’ll still have them. So go ahead and release the boobs and let them tittays go.

This babe here truly looks like the girl next door. With that brunette hair of hers and her sweet nice smile. She also clearly understands that she has a duty and that duty isn’t dootie, but rather a duty to show off her fine knockers. So when this girl here wears a really short mini skirt and a tank top, you know she’s out for trouble.

Here you can see this amateur babe whipping out those sweet pair of boobs and letting the entire planet and the rest of the galaxy see her amazing perfect breasts. These boobs are so nice I’m creating a new tag for them, perfect breasts.