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Sexting With The Chubby Ex Wife


This guy sent in this private picture of his ex wife today. While he is no longer married to her, they still hook up for some quick no strings attached sex. She can’t get enough of his cock, even though they don’t live together anymore. So she was teasing him today, begging him to stop by for a quickie. She sent him this sext message of her body, fully naked and exposing her big tits and her sweet pussy.

Big Butt Wife In The Kitchen

Gotta love stories like this one: “Hey Remove My GF fans, I thought I would submit my future ex wife to this site. We’re currently married but not for long. I know you must be thinking, why would you give up an ass like that? Well because she gives it up too. We can’t go anywhere without guys looking at her JLo booty. She ignores the comments and the stares for the most part, but this one time at the restaurant she left to the restroom – with our waiter. After making out and feeling up her nice boobies, he pumped her butt full of cum in about 2 minutes flat. That’s why I’m putting the bitch on blast!”

Tap Dat Phat Booty

Damn just look at that ass. Is this an ex gf or a current gf? Because that ass needs to be tapped on the daily. Anything else is just a waste. This user submission is expecting to divorce his wife because of apparent infidelity and lack of trust issues. Irreconcilable differences actually. Well what that means for us is some good fucking footage. Hopefully this hubby has the balls to submit his full sex tape library to removemygf.com so that we can have a taste of the ass that he’s been tapping for years. He doesn’t want her family to see what a little whore their daughter is, but if you’re divorcing her for cheating on you, who gives a flying fuck!

His Wife Loves Cum


A guy thought we would like to know some very important information. His wife loves cum. We told him we only post GF’s but since he had some great pictures we’ll allow this one through. So there you have it, a wife who loves hot cum.