Losing Her Virginity In College

04 Mar Comments

When a young girl loses her virginity, it’s usually in high school to a long term boyfriend. But what if she’s in college and still hasn’t had her cherry popped? Well then she just fucks the first guy who asks. Luckily for this girl she was invited to a college party during midterms. This was her chance to get laid so when a couple of guys hit her up she flirted a bit, lowered her blouse to show cleavage, hiked up her mini skirt, had a few jelly shots and just went with it. Before she knew it she was in some guy’s dorm room, fucked by a couple of roommates. These guys were juniors and could spot a virgin a mile away. They fucked her on the bottom bunk, one in the front getting his penis licked, sucked and deepthroated, while the other one pounded her ripe vagina and probably even fingered her bunghole.