Ex GF Takes An iPhone Selfie


User submission: “My ex gf took a selfie with her iPhone like 3 years ago and I still have it on my phone. Figured you all would like to see her.” Indeed we do, kind sir, indeed we do.

These Cute Girls Were Fucking Wasted At The Party


Big Titty Girlfriend Got Mad @ Me


Don’t you wish you had a big titty girlfriend like this one? Oh you do? Well then great for you. Some guys are gifted with girlfriends with big titties while others are unfortunately enough stuck with a tiny tittie babe.

Update: Well this girl here has sent me an email stating that I must remove her picture or she will contact the mounties to come and hunt for me. A threat like that is surely making me shake in my boots. So no, I will not remove this busty girlfriend, not now, not ever.

Blonde Not Wearing Panties In The Club


Guy Posting His Ex Girlfriend Naked


Here’s a great revenge story for you. This guy had dated this girl for 6 years. They were high school sweethearts. Then came college and they each went their separate ways. But they promised that they would be true to each other and have a long distance relationship. Well three weeks into this arrangement, ┬áhe caught wind that she had broken this truce and was blowing some frat guy. Now he wants revenge, so he submitted this pic of his naked ex gf for us to laugh at.

Cutie With Lots Of Cleavage At A Las Vegas Club


This Asian cutie here went to the club in Las Vegas, Nevada with her black bf. She wore a tight black dress that kept going up her legs. It was a mini skirt after all, so she was pulling it down the whole night, as it rode up her legs and nearly showed her sweet spot. It was upskirt action all night long. But what everyone was looking at was her top. She was showing cleavage, but not just a little cleavage, this Asian girl had her big titties busting out of her dress. I mean you could practically see a nipslip there, as her slightly pink areola was peeking out of her top. Forget downblouse, this cleavage was a lollapalooza.